Core-stock System

Core-stock System for Booksellers

‘The Foulsham List sells exceptionally well …
no other range sells through so consistently …’
Button’s Bookshop

What a very nice thing to say about our list. We appreciate it greatly.

But we think it’s true too!

Every month, the Marketing Team measures the sales performance of our core-stock range to keep track of how the books are performing in bookshops. These are the titles that are producing a shelf-turn down to a minimum sales-performance of 4 x’s per annum.

We currently have 115 such titles and their average shelf-turn across the range is now 7 x’s per annum!

Do you carry 115 Foulsham titles? We doubt it! So do put this right. It’s only sensible to buy into our fastest-selling titles right now. All you have to do to start our information system feeding you with the facts is send an e-mail with your details to:

Be assured, the range will work every bit as hard for you too.

Booksellers who are already Foulsham customers can place orders direct through their usual supplier, via Macmillan Distribution or can order online via  .

For full information on ordering Foulsham books, visit our How to Order page.

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