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Author: Dr James Scala
ISBN: 9780572033415
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 208 pages
Publication Date: 4 September 2007


Dr James Scala
* Dr Scala has an international reputation in medical research in nutritional health solutions – working in the USA

* He is a senior advisor to Seven Seas – one of the UK’s major health product companies regime that has been fully tested and proved.

* You can recommend this title to sufferers and be sure that you have helped relieve a painful existence.

* The diet really works – Dr Scala is inundated with letters of thanks for the relief that users experience.

* Worst cases will still need medical support, but this diet induces an environment within which drugs can function more noticeably.

Users of this diet book speak so much more eloquently than we can. Here’s what they say. “For me, your book has changed arthritis from a random curse to a rational condition with predictable characteristics which can be avoided. I want to thank you personally for the difference your book made to my life.”

“Dr. Scala, I am so happy. I feel like shouting and letting the whole world know of my experience with your diet. My attitude towards life is completely changed because I feel like a new person.”

“I suddenly noticed a dramatic relief from my pain. Within two weeks I put my walking cane away!”
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