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Author: Simon Baker with Alley Einstein
ISBN: 9780572033682
Specifications: 216mm x 135mm paperback, 192 pages colour
Publication Date: 30 July 2007

How to Be a Great Divorced Dad

Simon Baker with Alley Einstein
* Simon has been a Primary Carer of his twins since their premature birth.

* Alley is a PR professional, a Health journalist and Counsellor for 20 years.

* They are co-founders of Divorced Self-Help Network.

* ‘Brilliant idea, about time too!’ Trisha Goddard, presenter of TV’s The Trisha Show.>br>
* Every day, 650 children are separated from their father in Britain.

* Yet there is nothing published for Dads who need the help.

* There’s so much to learn – cookery, clothing, health, school, relationships, weekends, entertaining, and understanding their needs.

Divorced Dads can be Mum and Dad if they have to. And even if they don't want to go that far, many of them want to be the best Dads, despite being separated from their kids. The difficulty for Dads is that there's little understanding of fatherhood until after it happens. To men, it seems that women are pre-programmed to deal with children. Then when they are separated from a child after divorce, the trauma can be beyond expression and Dads need the serious assistance to help them conquer the difficulties.

This book recognises divorced and separated fathers have so much to learn. Written by a divorced dad for divorced and separated fathers, this book teaches you how to move on after divorce, create a home for your children when they are with you, ensure babies through to teenagers have a routine and discipline. It will help you learn to keep your children healthy, get involved in their education, organise play dates, deal with your ex in a business-like way and cook healthy meals for your kids.

Divorce and separation may change your life, but this book gives you to tools to make your time with your children positive, pro-active and fun in easy-to-read chapters with top tips and guides and lots of useful divorced dad advice from someone who knows.