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ISBN: 9780572039097
Specifications: 297x210mm, paperback, 644 pages
Publication Date: 2nd November 2011

Raphael’s 51-year Ephemeris – 2000 to 2050

* 51 years with full Aspectarian and Declinations

* Derived using NASA’s very latest laboratory ephemeris DE406/LE406.

* Unique Raphael’s Aspectarian.

* The most accurate multi-year ephemeris that money can buy.

* Customary Raphael's noon calaculations.


* Complete single page per month for ease of use.

* Font styles and sizes carefully developed and fully tested for maximum readability.

* Data calculations taken to the finest degrees of accuracy.

* Universal Time used on the 24-hour clock for international accessibility and accuracy

* Noon configurations for all data, with additional Moon Longitudes for midnight.

* Unique Aspectarian containing all planets with all the astronomical phenomena, including Lunar and Mutual aspects, Parallels and Contraparallels. The additional Quincunx aspects makes this Aspectarian the most complete available.

* All data includes leading zeros for maximum clarity.

* Longitudes are calculated daily and include shading to highlight retrograde movements.

* Additionally, we include ten-day tabulations for Longitudes of Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Dark Moon Lilith.

* Declinations are calculated daily for Sun, Moon and all planets, with void-of-course positions.

* Moon’s True and Mean Nodes are included.

* Latitudes and Declinations are side by side for easy reference and stationary-point indicators for the planets are included.

* Zodiac Sign entry times are tabulated and displayed separately.

* Crucial Monthly Data includes the Julian Date, Delta T, Ayanamsha, Synetic Vernal Point and True Obliquity of Ecliptic.

* Moon’s Phase and Positions are held in a separate table for clarity and include Eclipse Indicators, Apogee and Perigee and minimum and maximum declinations.

* Firm sale only.

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