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Author: Patrick Forsyth
ISBN: 9780572033224
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 176 pages
Publication Date: 28 May 2007

Gentle Art of Getting Your Own Way

Patrick Forsyth
* Patrick has 25 years as a successful, International Marketing and Communications Consultant

* He has 50 books published in 22 languages.

* You can learn to get your own way.

*Any request in the right form makes success much more certain.* Engage your mind, tailor your approach and win. It’s that simple.

* The art of persuasion is simple; its approach is scientific and it works.

It’s just so basic, isn’t it? Every day in so many ways we all need to secure something – from the boss, work colleagues, at a meeting or even at home. Here are the techniques that help to create and present powerful cases. These methods are all very accessible and illustrated by anecdotes that show how they are used in both work and non-work situations.You might say that these are the techiques that help other people to decide correctly! And always in your favour.
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