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Author: Alan Butler
ISBN: 9780572033125
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 144 pages colour
Publication Date: Sale Item

Little Stars: Prima Baby & Pregnancy

Alan Butler
* Written by the astrological editor of Old Moore’s Almanack.

* The author is also a professional Consulting Astrologer.

* A beautiful gift production for new parents showing an astrological profile of their baby’s potential.

* Shows how to understand, develop and relate to each child more effectively.

* Covers each Sun sign, plus how the Moon and the ascendant sign affect personality and potential.

* A unique opportunity to nurture and maximise potential.

* Superb full-colour photographs throughout.!

*£3.00 reduced from £6.99


Even if you don’t believe in predictive astrology, you will find it difficult to ignore the proven fact that babies born around the same time have similar characteristics. You can get closer to the emotional needs of your baby through this astrological book. You can discover the essence of your baby’s characteristics and how they will play into everyday living. Nurture the best qualities and teach the right strategies that address any inert weakness.!

*£3.00 reduced from £6.99