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Author: Tracey Godridge
ISBN: 9780572032135
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: 16 February 2007

How to be a Great Mum

Tracey Godridge
* Tracey Godridge is Consultant Editor of Mother & Baby magazine and a former Editor of Parents magazine.

* She is the mother of one girl and two boys.

* It’s tough being a new, modern mum. Everything’s changed since her childhood and the time isn’t there any more.

* So good advice for new parents, reassurance, sound direction, and the anticipation of problems is what every new mum needs.

* Knowing what to expect at different stages and being prepared makes all the difference.

*Being a great mum from conception through to adulthood is challenging and this guide is invaluable.

* Great advice on modern parenting skills.

Times have changed and so too has being a mum. The cost of living and life’s pressures don’t allow for old-fashioned motherhood any more. Today’s mum has to keep many more things going and be a good mum. This book explains how to do it. It starts with pregnancy and how to keep both bodies healthy. It then runs through advice on life as a family, keeping baby happy, going back to work, managing behaviour, choosing the right school, creating a happy teenager and letting go! This is a modern book that recognises the reality of life and helps to make the most of it.