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Author: Gillian Bridge
ISBN: 9780572032876
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: 15 December 2006

Discover Your Inner Sloth

Gillian Bridge
Gillian is a former English Lecturer and pychologist.

* She combined this training to become a professional Psycholinguist Consultant.

* It’s a wise, gently amusing guide to understanding how to get back to a more fulfilling life balance.

* Learn to respect the sloth – it’s a truly brilliant role model!

* Get closer to their leisurely dynamic and you destroy high stress levels and destructive life attitudes.

* Do yourself a favour – sloth it down a bit. Become slothful-filled!

* Learn to appreciate what life has to offer once you create enough time to consider it properly.

Life’s too precious simply to let it slip away. Can there be anyone who doesn’t believe that? Yet today there are so many demands upon our time and attention, that life as it ought to be lived has all but deserted us or been forgotten. This wise, gently humourous text introduces us to what is so special about the Sloths! They have the art of their living so beautifully tuned. Where self-help seldom works as expected, Sloth-help provides great personal strengthening and a stress-free lifestyle. Sloth-help fixes relationships, sex, appearance, work, ambition, success, worry and blame and everything else that shouldn’t disturb life.