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Author: Steve Wharton
ISBN: 9780572031718
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 128 pages
Publication Date: 28 November 2005

High-vibrational Thinking<BR><BR>How to Have Great Relationships

Steve Wharton
* From the creator of a series of courses run in conjunction with businesses and social service departments.

* A fully tested programme that really works – yes, really!

* The HVT range of programmes is now being validated by the UK Accreditation Service.

* HVT is so simple in application that everyone can use it – even ten-year-olds have been successful.

* ‘I feel that it has the potential to be the next Little Book of Calm.’ Jakki Mowbray, Training Director.

Throughout life we are managed by our subconscious, using programmes laid down in childhood. These programmes create comfort zones within us – but not all of them are positive. For example, if you were indulged with a lot of sugar as a child, then subconsciously you will continue to seek that comfort zone today. You will be continuously urged to maintain this high sugar comfort zone and you will pay for it by constantly fighting your weight.

HVT reprogrammes the bad zones automatically. And then instils the confidence needed to regain positive control. It is a revolutionary new method that takes subconscious, positive thinking to a new level. And has been proved in retraining programmes to change people’s lives.