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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572030940
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: Sale Item Available

Fight Fatigue The 7-Day Diet Plan

Carolyn Humphries
* Carolyn Humphries is one of Britain’s best-selling cookery writers.

* Fully qualified nutritionist.

*28% of UK adults suffer from fatigue and 50% of Americans suffer from chronic sleepiness.

* For these people, some foods should be avoided and some should definitely be consumed to encourage recovery.

*Here is a positive food resource introduced as a 7-day recovery plan.

* We will provide posters for doctors’ surgeries to promote the availability of this book from booksellers.

* A practical solution to a common problem.!

*£3.00 reduced from £8.99


Constant fatigue can be caused by any one of several factors, but it will drag on because we are all eating so poorly. Those with this condition will be eating a worse diet than the rest of us and need to learn why and how to change their lifestyle. Eating little and often, getting the right balance of minerals and vitamins, and switching to the right kinds of food will produce dramatic life-changing results. Carolyn has created innovative and delicious recipes to use over 7 days to prove that recovery is but a commitment away. Change your nourishment intake and all kinds of issues will be addressed – that is a fact.!

*£3.00 reduced from £8.99