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Author: Polly Baptist
ISBN: 9780572030506
Specifications: 222x206mm, hardback with jacket, 144 pages with colour wraps
Publication Date: Sale

Mediterranean Recipes

Polly Baptist
* Polly is a yacht chef and at her table sit the UK’s A-LIST CELEBS. She produces top restaurant-quality eating for her guests and has shmoosed many recipes from the best of the Med’s talented cooks.

* Here are the recipes that are served to the beautiful people on their million £ yachts!

* Yet because they are sometimes prepared in a galley that’s moving through 40°, they are surprisingly uncomplicated and reliable.

* A caring approach for busy modern cooks. Full of anecdotal asides and tips. Food that’s vibrant, colourful and enticing.

This is an everyday book. It doesn't demand that you be Cordon bleu, nor that you spend hours in the kitchen. If you want something quickly in the style of the Mediterranean, then you can find it here.