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Author: Claudia Dillaire
ISBN: 9780572030469
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 256 pages, illustrated
Publication Date: 29 November 2004

Egyptian Love Spells and Rituals

Claudia Dillaire
* Claudia Dillaire a practising solitary Wiccan for thirty years. She chose the Egyptian path six years ago.

* This is a practical book designed to bring love into the life of a more general reader.

*But for solitary Wiccans it also provides a new path to explore.

* The range of love is from a new relationship to a grieving partner.

* In rituals and chants, a celebration of love of all kinds.

Today we confuse love with sex and it is a wonder that anyone finds real love at all. The Egyptians understood better than us that love is the most important life force. Theirs was an eternal concept of love - love transcending death. My reflection on the story of Isis and Osiris reveals this perfectly. It is a concept that will bring you comfort and satisfaction.

Let me share with you my knowledge of how to connect with the deities and how to perform their love spells. I will share my passion for Egyptian magic and its wonderful feelings of peace, serenity, solace, hope and love.

Egyptian magic is spontaneous and uplifting. It is vital, passionate, exciting and less restrictive than other traditions. It does not require special knowledge or study and I am sure you will find it most rewarding.
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