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Author: Ian Bruce
ISBN: 9780572023959
Specifications: 245x185mm, colour and mono, 208 pages
Publication Date: Available

Plan your Home with Feng Shui

Ian Bruce
* Feng Shui is as popular today as ever and why? Because it works!

* Learn to replan your living space using the principles of Feng Shui and help the energy flow through your home whilst protecting it from bad energy!

* Using the principles of Feng Shui could help to improve your love life and financial status amongst other benefits.

Ian Bruce has written this book with the aim of helping the amateur grasp the concepts of this ancient chinese ideology. Includes an introduction about the philosophy of Feng Shui and explains terms such as Ch'i in easy to understand language. Each room of a house is given its own chapter and includes ideas for creating ideal living space. Fully illustrated throughout and includes colour pictures to help you make the most of your home.