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Author: Peter West
ISBN: 9780572024970
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: Available

Surf Your Biowaves

Peter West
* The body is an amazing machine running highly complex programmes in cycles, which are regular and totally predictable.

* The biorhythm that affects your physical nature is a 23-day cycle.

* The biorhythm that affects your emotional nature is a 28-day cycle.

* The biorhythm that affects your intellectual nature is a 33-day cycle.

* By surfing these rhythms, you can structure your life to get the best out of every day.

* Phenomenal success rates have been achieved by tuning into personal biowaves.

With this book, one can calculate personal biograms and use them to improve the way one responds to the opportunities that life has to offer. By locking on to the rhythms which they demonstrate and becoming aware of the key dates they produce, one gains more control over the best timing for decision-making and planning or action. And there are many examples where the use of the biorhythm tool has resulted in phenomenal personal success.
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