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Author: Dr P H Wise
ISBN: 9780572025465
Specifications: 230x125mm, paperback, 64 pages
Publication Date: Available

Understanding Your Diabetes for Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Dr P H Wise
* Dr P H Wise is one of Britain’s top consultant physicians in Endocrinology and is based at Charing Cross Hospital, London.

* He is one of the world’s leading specialists and an international symposia lecturer.

* The incidence of diabetes in the UK is 1 in 50. In the US it is 1 in 40.

* Here are the questions which new sufferers would like to have answered.

Self-care for the newly diagnosed patient is at the heart of this book. Explanations and guidelines are presented in an easily understandable form. Also included is a wide range of dietary information. Another strength is the new, up-to-date material. Even patients who have been supporting the problem for some years will gain from this latest thinking. For diabetics, it provides a better deal for life.

Dr. Wise is a graduate of Melbourne University and a regular guest at international symposia.
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