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Author: Martin Daniels and Ian Alexander
ISBN: 9780572025588
Specifications: 179x179mm, paperback, illustrated, 96 pages
Publication Date: Available

Pub Tricks and Brain Teasers

Martin Daniels and Ian Alexander
* Great for stag nights, club nights, or just to impress your friends at the pub!

* 50 illustrated bar tricks and brain teasers for hours of fun.

* Lay your hands on a beer mat, wine glass, cork, match, cigarette or bottle top, and here you have the guaranteed solution to entertain your friends.

* The three glass trick will win you a pint – or three!

* Cunning stunts to amaze your friends and conjure yet more of the free amber nectar.

A store of tricks to brighten up any flagging conversation or liven up a dull party. A collection of simple, friendly, yet effective stunts, challenges and tricks for pub lads to win pints from their friends. Plus a few for those who aren’t quite so friendly! Some are simplicity itself to perform, while others require a little bit of practice but it’s well worth it to achieve the stunning effects.

The author: Martin Daniels is your best Bar Guide. Son of the popular television entertainer and magician, Paul Daniels, Martin learned at his father’s knee how to turn his hand to Liquid Gold! Here he shares his best-kept tricks for bar boys to use as they wish!