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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572024963
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: Available

7-Day Low-fat Low-salt Diet Plan

Carolyn Humphries
* With the problems with our Western diet, many more people are now finding that they have been advised to cut down on fat and/or salt for health reasons.

* Even without doctor’s advice, many people are looking to cut down on salt and fat in their diet.

* Explains why all fats are not the same, and gives common-sense advice and guidance on cutting down on fat and salt and changing to a healthier diet.

* With a comprehensive collection of imaginative and tasty recipes, there’s no need to sacrifice style or flavour to be healthier.

* Helps to establish a new, healthy eating pattern.

* With a complete seven-day programme to ease you into a new and better way of eating.

Imagine you have been told that so many of your favourite dishes are now off-limits: chocolate, cake, roast potatoes, or whatever. Well, that’s the prospect that doctors deal out to increasing numbers of patients every day. With this in mind, we commissioned Good Housekeeping writer, Carolyn Humphries, to devise a diet plan, which removed the harmful fat and salt without removing all the favourite ‘sinful’ foods as well. Here, Carolyn explains the health issues and then, in a seven-day recipe programme, shows readers how they can change their eating habits without sacrificing good, enjoyable, satisfying food.