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Author: Jacqueline Eames
ISBN: 9780572023393
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: Available

Best, Best Man

Jacqueline Eames
Everything a best man will ever need to know is in this updated and expanded best-seller.

* Thorough, easy to read and full of the fine details that are essential if the big day is to run smoothly.

* Over 250,000 in print.

* One of Foulsham’s reliable Wedding Collection.

Are you the Best Man for the job? You will be – when you have read this easy guide to the duties and delights of BestManship. It’s a great compliment to be chosen as a Best Man, so you want to play your part to the full, attending to all the traditional Best Man’s tasks – and you want to do it well: Choosing and briefing the ushers, organising the stag party, getting the groom to the church, handing over the ring at the wedding, making a speech at the reception. Use this book as your comprehensive checklist to prepare yourself thoroughly for the big day. And get everything right for the happy couple, their family and guests. They’ll all remember you with gratitude and respect.