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Author: Luc Bourgault/Blue Eagle
ISBN: 9780572022631
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 128 pages
Publication Date: Available

American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing

Luc Bourgault/Blue Eagle
* Native Americans are the authentic practitioners of crystal therapy.

* Never before in print. This book gives the teachings of the Apache and Cherokee tribes.

* The first written document to carry their secrets to the tribes of the world. ‘Much of the information in circulation is incorrect – even harmful. We must explain the work which we do with our brothers and sisters, the crystals.’

The Native Americans are particularly concerned with the misuse of crystals, and the potential harm that can do. In this fascinating book, they reveal the age-old secrets – many handed down by word of mouth through generations – of the Native American tribes. The book includes: purification are care of crystals; stones and their properties; working practices; practical exercises; the laws of healing; colours and their properties; how to prepare the essences; the therapeutic touch and exercises.

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