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Author: Helen Smith
ISBN: 9780572026745
Specifications: 216x135mm ,paperback, 128 pages
Publication Date: Available

Beginner’s E-mail Book

Helen Smith
* It’s hugely popular and it’s at the heart of the information age

* E-mail is fast, very accessible and, like most good systems, looks deceptively simple

* But underneath the surface lie dozens and dozens of thoughtful services and clever tricks

* Here’s the Best Practice guide to the e-mail revolution

* Beginners have only to follow the instructions to build good professional habits

It’s fast, it’s cheap and today if you don’t have an e-mail address people are beginning to think that you are well out of touch.

Yet there are millions of beginners who are afraid to start, or so bad at using it that the real potential is lost.

This highly illustrated, screen-by-screen, click-by-click approach will reveal all to the most terrified beginner. What’s more, it will instill best practice habits into even quite proficient users. There is a huge market out there for this book and, as always, it will meet their every expectation.