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Author: Francois Greef
ISBN: 9780572027780
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: Available

Hidden Code of Cryptic Crosswords

Francois Greef
* Step-by-step guide to ‘cracking the crossword’ targets a wide readership base.

* Suitable for casual and serious crossword enthusiasts of all levels and covers both basic and complex clues.

* Also ideal for crossword compilers.

* Numerous examples of solutions in action, with lots of useful tips.

This unique book unlocks the mysteries of cryptic crosswords, revealing step by step how clues are constructed. It clearly outlines methods of clue analysis, increasing the enthusiast’s range of analytical tools for solving crosswords, and instructs by example for a clearer understanding of solution finding. Suitable for both casual enthusiasts and serious puzzlers, topics range from the basic creation of a clue to the breakdown of various cryptic devices. An invaluable tool for all enthusiasts.