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Author: Jody Beveridge and Jan Bennett
ISBN: 9780572028565
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 192 pages, jody dunn
Publication Date: May 2003

Control Your Divorce The Questions to Answer

Jody Beveridge and Jan Bennett
* A realistic, easy-to-understand book that demystifies the process of divorce.

* Everything you need to know: questions to ask, what to expect, how to find a solicitor, coping with children.

* Explodes common misconceptions.

* No legal jargon.

* Written by a practising solicitor and barrister, both experts in family law.

* With anecdotes from real experience.

Coping with divorce is a hugely traumatic experience at a time when people already feel upset, frightened and confused. Despite the fact that every relationship is different, the authors recognise common themes running through the cases they handle on a daily basis. This book focuses on that real experience, not miserable legal details, so it can help readers find their way through the divorce process as simply and painlessly as possible. Direct, practical, sensitive and not without humour, it deals with every aspect of the divorce process in a straightforward and informative way.