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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572029098
Specifications: 206x146mm, paperback, 336 pages, illustrated, colour
Publication Date: August 2003

Classic 1000 Quick and Easy Recipes

Carolyn Humphries
*It's Friday, you're tired, everyone is hungry and tomorrow it's shopping day. You need a quick and easy supper from the storecupboard.

*Friends drop in for coffee and stay for lunch. What can you rustle up for a quick, enjoyable meal?

*They've come for tea and there's certainly no cake or biscuits! What can yo udo in just a few minutes?

In this one brilliant book, you'll find 1000 solutions. Be it a tasty soup, an imaginative salad or light lunch, some sauces to brighten up your favourite grilled meat, a sweet treat or a complete meal, it's all here. Quick and Easy.
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