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Author: Sally Annett and Rowena Shepherd
ISBN: 9780572028107
Specifications: Set contains 234x152mm paperback book, 256 pages, plus shrink-wrapped and boxed deck of cards.
Publication Date: February 2003

Atavist Tarot Presentation Set

Sally Annett and Rowena Shepherd
* Atavist means strip down to fundamentals.

* New imagery by one of Britain’s foremost young fine artists, now working on commissions from the House of Lords.

* A mid-sized deck of 78 original paintings of inspirational quality and meditational value.

* The words by an art historian specialising in Tarot imagery, now Senior Curator for English Heritage in the South East.

A magical combination of knowledge and inspiration from two extraordinarily psychic people. Sally Annett, the gifted artist, was raised in an academic family where her intuitive foresight was recognised and nurtured. Sally was consulting her cards at aged thirteen and her depth of understanding is rare indeed. Alongside her painting, her further academic study of Tarot iconography and its multi-cultural interpretations has produced a unique multi-layered treatment with which to work. Rowena Shepherd also specialised in the history of Tarot imagery as an academic historian. Now a successful curator, she is a practitioner of the Western magical tradition and the book combines her life’s expertise in both these areas.

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