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Author: David Melbourne & Dr Keith Hearne
ISBN: 9780572028091
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: July 2002

Dream Oracle Using the Alphabet Dream Code

David Melbourne & Dr Keith Hearne
* An amazing breakthrough in dream interpretation: a revolutionary new method that has been tried, tested and really works.

* The world-renowned authors have created a language that communicates with the sub-conscious mind.

* Dream interpreters are a thing of the past. With this new vocabulary, the dialogue between conscious and sub-conscious becomes crystal clear.

This book contains a truly remarkable breakthrough in reaching the inner voice. Even more importantly, the system has within it the ability to have this inner wisdom address an issue on demand. You can now pose a question and have it answered overnight!
The mysteries of life and the best course for us to take through it are usually better understood within our sub-conscious mind. Now there is an opportunity to access this wisdom directly and be sure that the advice received is nothing but the best and entirely positive.