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Author: Molly Perham
ISBN: 9780572026943
Specifications: 216 x 135mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: OUT OF PRINT

Quick & Easy <BR>Cooking for One

Molly Perham
* The short cut to great-tasting cooking for one - for singles looking for a quick fix in the kitchen.

* Provides all the ingredients for effortless, economical eating for one - from shopping lists to storage tips and more.

* Makes the most of simple, everyday foods and serves them up with style.

* Over 130 easy recipes - familiar and new - to tempt you back to great-tasting food.

This is the book that anyone who has to face cooking for themselves at the end of a long day won't want to be without. It puts the fun and freedom back into pleasing yourself in the kitchen.
Molly Perham proves that cooking for one can be creative, quick and economical - and tastes a whole lot better than the so-called 'fast food' options.
This is the cookbook to stimulate a whole new appetite for doing it yourself.

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