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Author: Annette Yates
ISBN: 9780572026363
Specifications: 222x206mm, 128 pages, with colour, paperback
Publication Date: Available

New Recipes for your Slo Cooker

Annette Yates
* A Foulsham classic gets ready for a major slo-cooking update.

* Fresh ways to make the most of one of the greatest lifestyle assets.

* With new slo-cooking secrets for everyone who wants food fast at the end of a busy day.

* More great recipes - old and new - guaranteed to keep you coming back to the taste of slo-cooked food.

Slo-cookers are coming back into fashion and the sales figures prove it. This is the book that will get new users up to speed in how to turn a good idea into an invaluable necessity.
Annette Yates has the know-how to take the mystery out of making the most of this kitchen wizard. She shows you how to set it to work and forget it - until you're greeted by those sensational welcome home smells as you walk through the door at the end of the day.
This book will whet the appetite of a whole new generation of slo-cooks.