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Author: Joe King
ISBN: 9780572028183
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 64 pages
Publication Date: August 200

Men on Top

Joe King
* No-one ever lost money betting that the sex war is alive and well.

* A seriously men-only collection of one-liners on the male view of the female - from a variety of angles!

* Mars v. Venus - this is a war zone!

* Make sure the women get their own back by stocking up on the rival collection: Women on Top!

Everyone enjoys a good joke - and here's a great collection of short, sharp one-liners told very much from the male point of view. On sex, on blondes, on divorce, on headaches - whatever drives men wild and whatever drives them wild! Everything is fair game; this is about the male perspective on the sex war and what they really think about the 'gentler' sex and it's not that they are gentle!
There's guaranteed sales here - miss it and the joke's on you!