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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572028046
Specifications: 206x146mm, paperback, 432 pages, illustraated, colour
Publication Date: Available

Classic 1000 Low-fat Recipes

Carolyn Humphries
* New edition of the classic best-seller, now with stunning colour photographs.

* The perfect choice for health-conscious and image-conscious cooks.

We have all been told to reduce our intake of animal fats for a healthier lifestyle. Of course it makes sense, but doesn't it take all the fun out of life? No, it doesn't!

Here we have desgined a healthy and enjoyable eating plan that won't deprive you of yoru favourite foods. You can still have your chocolate cake, your roast potatoes and much more - but you have to cook them my way.

Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of delicious and imaginative dishes, from mouth-watering starters and main courses to indulgent desserts and cakes. These recipes will greatly lower your consumption of fat but, more importantly, they also provide an all-round long-term healthy diet.