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Author: Gary Quelch
ISBN: 9780572025984
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: Sale Item

Change your Life with Earth Magic

Gary Quelch
* The ancient chinese art of harmonising yourself with the energies of heaven and earth.

* Put the Wind beneath your wings.

* Harness the helpful energies of life.

* Identify futureopportunities and harmonise them with your objectives.

* Benefit yourself from this successful oriental life-style system.!

*£3.00 reduced from £8.99


There is so much more to life than just rearranging the furniture as feng-shui would have it. It is more important that we interact with the forces - both positive and negative - in our environment. Here is the art of being in harmony with the positive energies of earth and heaven and with them, making the best of our lives and the people around us.
This book explains it all, from discovery of our own personal element - earth, fire, wood, metal or water - to the use of that knowledge in making positive changes in the way one lives.!

*£3.00 reduced from £8.99