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Author: Dr. Silvia Longo
ISBN: 9780572045883
Specifications: 210x148mm, paperback
Publication Date: 23/10/15

Baby Code

Dr. Silvia Longo
* Teaches mums to play like a baby to connect together much earlier

* Introduces non-verbal techniques that recognise how babies communicate

*Extra reference boxes explain the psychology and offer useful tips

As a new mum how do you make the most of your baby’s first year and enjoy it to the full? This delightful book shows you how to bond with your baby by applying a playful approach to your life together. Unlike other parenting books How to Connect with Your Baby in Your First Year Together focuses on the importance of play in its own right, rather than as an educational tool. Silvia shares her own experience, both as a mother and as a Clinical Psychologist, in an engaging, light-hearted and trustworthy way.

She demonstrates how to:

  • understand your baby at each stage of its development
  • recognise what your baby is trying to tell you and how they might be feeling
  • trust your intuition
  • enjoy imaginative games together
  • find contentment as you adapt to being a new mum

By following Silvia’s unique insights, tips and advice you will deepen your relationship with your baby, promote contented family life, discover new things about yourself and even feel young again!

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