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Author: International Bakers
ISBN: 9780572036652
Specifications: 160x160mm hardback, 96 pages colour
Publication Date: 31 March 2011

Little Treats

International Bakers
This is a gooey book with the accent on generous amounts of soft sugar icings, thick, tasty fillings, runny chocolate, soft butterscotch and sticky toffee.

*It’s cup cakes and beyond – through lemon muffins, hot fudge topping, marshmallow whoopie cakes and wonderful ideas, you won’t have heard of yet!

*This is an original, elegant collection of recipes that produce little treats to die for or to turn into a mini business.

This collection has been researched from the rich recipe bank of American dessert and cookie makers, plus many other international cooks. Their influences are from all around Europe and these cooks are passionate about their creativity. Because they are so wonderful to eat, Americans indulge too often, as we know. But in moderation we can enjoy ourselves in these little treats with friends, or make gifts of them that will be remembered forever. The secret of these pastry cooks isn’t in fine cookery. It is in their imagination, their style and the sheer luxury of their approach. If it’s worth doing at all, then you do it most generously in America! This is a great little book to have when you’re feeling down and want to throw together a little treat to make you happy again.