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Author: Charles of the Ritz and Carlos of Raffles and Charles of the Ritz
ISBN: 9780572035976
Specifications: 222x206mm, paperback, 120 pages colour
Publication Date: Out Of Print

Brilliant Cocktail Concept

Charles of the Ritz and Carlos of Raffles and Charles of the Ritz
All of the Classics and their own award-winning Creations

* Cocktails are making a come-back because drinking at home is pleasurable and cost effective

*A cocktail for every day of the year and every one them illustrated in colour

*The book is designed to introduce cocktails to make through the year from a sequence of new bottles purchased

* It’s a HOBBY book from which to build a professional cocktail bar bottle by bottle

* Its diary layout encourages notation – birthdays, celebrations and favourites.

Here’s brilliance! Buy the first bottle – mix its cocktails … simple! Buy the second bottle – discover a whole lot more! Buy every bottle and you’ll become the Cocktail King! Buy a bottle a week or a bottle a month or whenever! 365 recipes to shake … that’s one for every day of the year. Mix new cocktails as you go and end up with a complete professional cocktail bar. It becomes a great hobby. Terrific fun … and lots of prestige! Here’s unusual! Look at the recipes. See how each ingredient starts a new line? This is so you can scan them down as a list to make sure you have everything you need – or quickly move on! You won’t know how important this is until you try to use other books! Plus … 3 fantastic index search areas Cocktails … by type – Long and Cool, Party Time, Coffees … Cocktails … by ingredients – Gin, Whisky, Brandy … Cocktails … by name in alphabetical order. You don’t have to go out to be sophisticated. Become the life and soul of any party at home!