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Author: Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam
ISBN: 9780572035426
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 224 pages
Publication Date: 23 March 2010

I was there on PQ17 the Convoy to Hell

Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam
Throughout World War II, Paul was at the sharp end of it and built himself a huge contact base

*Harry was his good friend who worked as Sub-Editor on The Sun by Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam

*Lund writes a survivor’s story with a real feel for what it was like to be there.” Sunday Times

*This series brings you War at Sea – here, one of the most bleak episodes in Royal Naval history

*History as lived by the men who were there – sometimes very colourfully

*The inside story from the sharp end and not always in step with official records

*Not just the FACTS but friendships and emotions too.

One of the bleakest episodes in Royal Naval history. Here is the inside story as told by the men who survived. It is the story o a brutally hard convoy that, according to official records, was incident free. It is the convoy that, according to official records, was incident free. It is the convoy that the British Admiralty tried to cover up. The Royal Navy betrayed the men of convoy PQ17. An order was issued by the British Admiralty… ‘scatter’ escorts. These were murderous orders that broke a prime naval convention and left the merchantmen and rescue ships unprotected. German fighter planes and submarines attacked them without mercy. Of 31 ships, 24 were lost together with their complements of 300 men. By the end of this book you do feel that you too have lived through PQ17’s disastrous story. And that you can appreciate the enormous courage and endurance of the men who served in its bitter Arctic cold.