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Author: Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam
ISBN: 9780572035761
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 224 pages illustrated
Publication Date: 25 November 2011

I Was There ... To Face the Night of the U-Boats

Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam
Throughout World War II, Paul was at the sharp end of it all and built himself a huge contact base

*Harry was his good friend who worked as Sub-Editor on The Sun by Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam

* The series covers WWII at sea – in this book we hear from the men who braved the oceans ruled by German U-boats

*History as lived by the men who were there – sometimes most colourfully!

*The inside story from the sharp end and seldom in step with official records

* Not just the FACTS but friendships and emotions too

*‘Lund writes the survivor’s story with a real feel for what it was like to be there.’ The Sunday Times

The convoy whose tragic fate saw the birth of the U-boat Wolf Pack. To read official records you might think nothing much happened. Naval history records a few bitter paragraphs to acknowledge these actions. But the men who were there take you through tragic, suspenseful and important events.

From Commodore to Cabin Boy, the story of Convoy SC7 is one of grim endurance and human courage in the face of almost incredible destruction. These are the accounts from the Naval Escorts, the Merchant Masters and even a German U-boat Ace. It is the sense of immediacy that makes these books so fresh and sometimes deeply moving. In their research, they are certainly brilliantly accurate and totally revealing in detail.