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Author: Eileen Zabet & Guy Roberts
ISBN: 9780572035716
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 224 pages
Publication Date: 8 February 2010

Music Quiz Questions

Eileen Zabet & Guy Roberts
*This is a very musical book that imparts mountains of knowledge in bite-sized chunks

*Quiz yourself to achieve a high level of serious musical knowledge

*Whichever musical direction you want to pursue, you won’t find anything trivial – it’s seriously good. • The keyword is ‘classic’ but in this context, that encompasses classical, jazz, opera, popular and show music – or wherever this word sounds a true note

Arguably, music can provide a richness of experience that can hardly be equalled by any other art form. So why do we confine it to little boxes and open only those that we already know so well? This is a music-enhancing experience. You will find only the greatest music in the Classical box, the Opera box, the Jazz box, the Pop box and more. This is a cornucopia of musical snippets, sound-bites and knowledge gems that will grow your appreciation of new music. The book will entertain, provide enjoyment and take readers down new musical paths to an enriching experience. And it’s great fun because it’s bite sized in construction!