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Author: Drina Vanner
ISBN: 9780572035372
Specifications: 273x193mm, paperback, 192 full illustrated
Publication Date: 30 November 2009

House Repairs Expert

Drina Vanner
Well qualified, trained and experienced HOUSEWIFE

*Who learned to do-it-herself because her husband was incapable of doing anything right!

*It’s Do-It-Yourself time, isn’t it?

*Gone are the days when we pick up the phone to invite the plumber to spend 15 minutes and charge us 50 quid!

*Now we won’t have to because here is everything you need – including the kitchen sink!

*Everything – Water, Plumbing, Radiators, Electricity. Appliances, Decorating, Stains & Cleaning, Kitchen Hints, Car Problems, etc.

*It’s not rocket science – we can all learn to do it – if we want to.

This is a brilliant book to have at home when the inevitable crisis strikes. No matter what your problem – simple blown fuse or potentially disastrous water-burst – you’ll now be able to fix-it-quick. The presentation is crystal clear and uses plenty of cartoons and illustrations to make the solutions accessible when the book is being used in panic mode. This is a Whole-House-Lifestyle book. It shows what you need to do to restore normal service.