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Author: Andy Matthews
ISBN: 9780572035433
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 256 pages illustrated
Publication Date: 30 October 2009

Andy Matthews’ Greatest Haunts

Andy Matthews
* With his 2nd TV series for the BBC this autumn, he’s fast becoming Britain’s ghost guru
* An accomplished TV presenter/personality, you can have a look for yourself on YouTube. Search for – Andy Matthews Ghosts

* Now there can be no doubt, the ghosts are out there. The question to answer is why do we see so few of them?

*We have dozens of files and reports of manifestations – heavy footsteps, blood-curdling screams and poltergeists

* Uniquely we can support these stories with television, which makes their reading so wonderfully exciting.

Let us link you to the intriguing world of ghosts! Modern technology has transformed our ability to contact ghosts. We can now introduce them toyou on the internet. Here we bring you first-hand accounts from the team of BBC TV's Greatest Haunts. Real people meet real ghosts! Our stories here may alarm or fascinate you. But our links can take you to amazing experiences on video that will frighten you. These clearly show ghosts responding to requests for proof of their presence. And some of them are more polite than others! Here are the thrilling blow-by-blow accounts of real life ghost contact.