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Author: Dr Nicola Ridgeway and Dr James Manning
ISBN: 9780572035174
Specifications: 148x105mm, hardback with jacket, 160 pages
Publication Date: 15 March 2010

How to Help Your Loved One Overcome Depression

Dr Nicola Ridgeway and Dr James Manning
Dr. Nicola Ridgeway, Clinical Psychologist, Accredited CB Therapist, Chair of the British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Therapists, Eastern Branch & Dr James Manning Clinical Psychology Therapist & Counselling Psychologist

*Moderate depression is now rampant across the UK. One in four people experience depression.*For every sufferer there are more supporters who want to help – wives, husbands, sons, daughters, siblings, parents or partners.*None of them knows where to start. They have no understanding of what to do.

*Here are the successful practical solutions conceived over the thirty years of practice between the authors.

The problem for everybody dealing with this condition is that quite suddenly we are expected to understand, support and manage a completely IRRATIONAL situation. It is impossible, of course. Yet it is so important that the support team learns what to, and more important what not to, do. The impact that family and friends can have on the symptoms are much greater than you may believe. The support group needs to be taught to change its behaviour and to avoid the common traps that are so easy to fall into and which make the situation worse. Here is expert advice born of thirty years of practice in the field that will make a huge difference to the situation and the group.