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Author: Georgina Walsh
ISBN: 9780572034542
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 224 pages
Publication Date: 20 July 2008

How to Find the Childcare Your Child Will Love

Georgina Walsh
*Georgina is the founder of and Childcare Expert for ITV’s Confessions series. More than two-thirds of new mums are now returning to work after the birth of their new baby.

*How big is their dilemma? It’s huge and needs a lot of expertise if everything is to work out well.

*Georgina has the qualifications and the successful experience to address the practical and emotional issues.

*She draws on plenty of anecdotal stories so there’s good affirmation from parent to parent that everything here works.

Here is a highly accomplished author who also has an enviable professional career, a separate and highly successful mothers’ counselling business of her own and three beautiful children. What she hasn’t learned about solutions for every-parent isn’t worth worrying about!

The whole issue is fraught with problems of emotion, guilt, self-doubt, jealousy and more. It needs plenty of reassurance all the time. And it doesn’t matter if the care is full-time or part-time the feelings going through parents' minds are really real!br>This is a profoundly caring book that will produce results that impact children very positively.