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Author: Tracey Godridge and Martine Gallie
ISBN: 9780572034191
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: 2 April 2008

How to be a Great Working Mum

Tracey Godridge and Martine Gallie
* Tracey is Consultant Editor of Mother & Baby, former Editor of Parents magazine and online baby care advisor.

* Martine was with the BMA and contributes to BUPA.

* The move from working woman to working mum is a difficult step-change in life.

* It needs a new range of special advice and resources, reassurance and the anticipation of problems.

* Making it work, finding good child care, back-up child care, time-management skills, childhood illness – all must be resolved.

* As children grow, the issues change all the way through to their teenage years. It’s a minefield for working mums.

A mum’s work has changed greatly and is still changing. The cost of living and life’s pressures don’t allow for old-fashioned motherhood any more. You have to be a working mum today. The objective is still to end up a good mum. But that’s difficult enough without the day job.* As a working mum, time and its management is half the battle. The other half is split between planning ahead to anticipate problems and identifying the right resources to support the situation. This book explains how to do it all. It starts with pregnancy and how to keep both bodies healthy and addresses all the subsequent working mum’s issues right through to teenage years. A great guide to learning parenting skills.