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Classic 1000

Classic 1000 Cake & Bake Recipes

From quick and easy everyday cakes to exotic gateaux and many other unusual international goodies!
Paperback: £8.99

Classic 1000 Chinese Recipes

From dishes suitable for everyday cooking to sumptuous banquet options, you'll find everything you need here.
Paperback: £8.99

Classic 1000 Low-fat Recipes

This brilliant collection is filled with healthy, low-fat recipes with plenty of style, strong on flavour, and great on variety.
Paperback: £8.99

Classic 1000 Pasta and Rice Recipes

Classic 1000 Pasta and Rice Recipes are store-cupboard classics supporting the most varied and original range of imaginative eating from around the world.
Paperback: £7.99

Classic 1000 Recipes

Everyday recipes as well as special occasion dishes.
Paperback: £7.99

Classic 1000 Student Recipes

Here are 1000 brilliant ideas to feed you well without expecting much skill on your part. And they're all very inexpensive
Paperback: £6.99

Classic 1000 Beginners Recipes

Down to earth advice and great-tasting recipes for new cooks.
Paperback: £8.99