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Healing & Spirituality

Woman's Way to Wisdom

An inspirational guide to understanding womanhood, challenging women 'to be all they can be'.
Paperback: £12.99

American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing

Here we reveal the age-old secrets – many handed down by word of mouth through generations – of the Native American tribes
Paperback: £8.99

Surf Your Biowaves

With this book, one can calculate personal biograms and use them to improve the way one responds to the opportunities that life has to offer.
Paperback: £7.99

How to Use the Healing Power of Your Planets

Encoded in our birth charts is everything we need to know about ourselves. Donna shows us clearly and simply how to apply our new-found knowledge in order to be healthier and happier.
Paperback: £8.99

Angel Craft and Healing

The book explains how Angels and Witches can work together to heal the mind, the body and the spirit, as well as how they can overcome problems and enhance any life.
Paperback: £9.99